61 King Street, Belper
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Twighlight menu

Twilight Suppers (Served 4:00 – 9.00pm)

Please also see our daily specials board
(prices from £6.50) 

Delicious Home-made Beef burgers                                  £5.75
Served on a locally baked soft roll a 6oz burger with topping
Choose from Garlic or Plain mayonnaise, Spicy Salsa,
Crispy Bacon, Mixed or plain cheese.
Extra fillings at 25p per item

Deli Plates 
Dipping Platter of Houmous, guacamole, Sour cream
and Salsa surrounded by fresh vegetables, crisps and
corn chips.                                                                            £6.10
Or a Variety of tasty Cheese served with pickles,
olives and
Crusty French bread.                                              £7.10

Gambas                                                                              £4.00
Large jumbo prawns in garlic butter with lemon
and crusty bread.


Olive Tapas                                                                        £3.05

Selection of stuffed Halkidiki Olives  
Plump Queen and Deep Purple olives with feta 



Potato Wedges                                                                  £3.15

Swiss style with Paprika and Melting cheese     
Or Mediterranean Style – Sea Salt and Olive Oil

Nachos                                                                               £3.15

Warm Tortilla Chips with a spicy salsa, strong cheese
and Green jalapenos 

Bruschetta Bites                                                                  £2.95

Topped with Mozzarella, tomato and pesto
Or Goats cheese topped with red pepper jelly 

Ciabatta dips                                                                     £2.55

Warm Ciabatta cubes with local balsamic vinegar and oil




Savoury Tostadas                                                              £3.60

Filled with cream cheese bacon and guacamole
Or cream cheese, pineapple and chilli flakes

Garlic bread selection                                                       £2.80

Oven toasted bread with home-made garlic butter

Cheese and tomato bake                                                  £3.00

Rich tomato sauce topped with melting cheese
with warm bread